Mobile, AL – Transitioning away from a marriage into a new life can be a rewarding experience with the right kind of legal help. Anyone who is about to separate from their partner and formally divorce can be assisted by a family lawyer who will provide emotional support, assistance, and guidance. There are also court procedures that have been developed which make the divorce process much more efficient and stress free than it was for previous generations. 

Procedural requirements

The first step to file for a divorce in the state of Alabama is to establish residency. At least one of the parties to the marriage must have lived in the state for at least six months before filing in the local family courts. If these requirements are not met, it may be possible to file in the state where the couple previously lived. Once the divorce paperwork has formally been filed with the complaint and service of the summons, there will be a waiting period of at least thirty days before the divorce can be finalized by a judge.  

Grounds for a divorce

Alabama offers a no fault divorce like every other state in the U.S. This option is convenient for many couples, because they simply have to say that the marriage has broken down and they no longer want to be together to begin the process to dissolve the marriage. A no fault divorce tends to result in less time and money spent in court, as there is no requirement to prove fault based grounds such as abandonment or adultery through evidence and testimony. 

Property distribution

Family court judges in Alabama are able to use their discretion to come up with an equitable distribution of property. In practice, this tends to give them a lot of room to decide what they think is fair and best for the couple. Some individuals will find that the court classifies some of their property as non-marital if it was a gift or acquired before the marriage. The individual can keep this property and the courts will not distribute it. Most items and property that were obtained while the couple was married will be considered marital property, and the judge can decide how it should be awarded based on the state’s equitable distribution guidelines. 

Learning more about divorces and other family law procedures

There are lawyers who focus their entire careers on helping people with family law issues such as child custody and support, alimony, divorces, and related matters. Jackie Brown is a trusted legal professional in the Mobile area who is available to assist clients with all of these issues. 

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