Charles G. Pitman is a well-known name when it comes to top of the shelf personal injury attorneys in the state of Alabama. Pitman has amassed a multi-million fortune working as a personal injury lawyer and helping people that have been involved in car accidents to receive compensation for their damages.

Clever marketing

According to, his success can at least partly be attributed to his unique marketing strategies – he not only uses a catchy phrase – “In a wreck? Need a check?” but has also a little tune which is used in his advertisements.

However, recent times have not been very easy for Pitman, especially on the personal front. It seems like his strained relationship with his wife has finally reached a breaking point as his divorce attorney has filed for a divorce and the couple is currently involved in heated divorce hearings where they are negotiating issues such as propertyasset distribution, child custody, spousal support, etc.

Wife alleges Pitman spent luxuriously during divorce

Pitman’s divorce case has thrown some insight in to how much wealth a successful Alabama attorney can gather. Divorce paper work filed in an Alabama family court reveals that his law practice, The Charles G. Pitman Law Firm, has been estimated to be worth nearly a staggering $8 million dollars. In fact, the law firm has not even been around very long, Pitman himself only passed his Alabama Bar exam in 2008. His law firm really started kicking only in 2013 though. It made a profit of $2 million that year.

His wife Krista Pitman and her divorce attorney are attempting to procure at least 15-20% of Charles’ wealth in the divorce. Her attorney accused Charles of spending extravagantly on automobiles, fashion accessories, jewelry, clothing, and exotic vacations despite being instructed by the court to preserve his finances while it determines how to split it between the former husband and wife.

divorce concept family separation man woman and children separated by a chasm

Divorce Legislation in Alabama

As highlighted at, one of the first online law and government information sites, going through a divorce is undoubtedly a very testing time for anybody. The persons involved are suddenly faced with multiple issues all at once when they consider filing for divorce and often cannot cope with all of it, especially while their personal lives and emotional states are at an all-time low. This is why it is a wise decision to appoint a qualified and experienced Alabama divorce attorney to take care of the many legal technicalities that come with divorce cases.

The attorney will be able to walk you through everything and make the process a whole lot more bearable. However, it is also advised that all residents make themselves aware of at least the most basic divorce regulations in Alabama.

To begin with, Alabama has some minimum filing requirements that a couple needs to meet in order to be eligible for divorce. Among these requirements is the residency requirement which dictates that at least one of the spouses involved must have been a resident of the state for at least a minimum period of six months prior to filing the divorce.

The other important thing to keep in mind is the fact that Alabama recognizes both fault and no fault divorces. Essentially, this entails that a couple that are mutually breaking up can simply cite that their marriage has become irretrievably broken and acquire a divorce certificate. However, a spouse can also be granted divorce if he or she can prove that their husband/wife is guilty of fault.

Actions/situations that qualify as fault in Alabama are: adultery, voluntary abandonment, criminal imprisonment, crime against man or animal, addictions to alcohol or drugs, unreasonable anger management issues, becoming mentally delusional, pregnancy of wife unknown to husband before or during marriage, domestic violence/physical assault, and separation between the spouses for a period of two years (living separately).

These all sound pretty reasonable and if you are in the thick of things with your marriage then you need to use to find a fantastic divorce attorney. With this website taking digital names on a daily basis, finding a noteworthy divorce lawyer will not be too difficult.