Gov. Robert Bentley of Alabama got his way when an Alabama Judge ruled saying that the details of his divorce should be sealed from public view. The ruling came on Monday earlier last week.

Since his divorce proceedings have begun, Gov. Bentley has insisted that he will not let his personal and familial matters affect his professional life and political career, especially during this crucial time where he is seeking budget and policy amendments. His Alabama divorce lawyer was please.

The paparazzi can run away!

As reported by ABC, the judge that passed the verdict, Justice Elizabeth Hamner from of Tuscaloosa Circuit Court, said she understood the plea of the couple’s divorce attorney to seal their divorce case from public access given the position and political influence of Gov. Bentley.

The request justified itself by claiming that it would be in the best interest of the public and both spouses involved if the details of the divorce was not made public considering the fact the one of the parties involved held a rather prominent public office.

The divorce petition was filed by Gov. Bentley’s wife, Dianne Bentley. Her Alabama divorce attorney filed the application for divorce recently with the grounds for the divorce listed as irretrievable breakdown of marriage. This is basically a no-fault divorce which is accepted in Alabama.

Divorce messages

The filing spouse does not mandatorily have to prove that the other spouse was at fault to be able to obtain a divorce certificate. As long as the split is mutual the spouses can simply state that their marriage and relationship has gone beyond repair and that they want to go their separate ways, a privilege that residents of many other states do not get enjoy.

Both Dianne and Robert are now seventy two years old and have been married for over 50 years, having celebrated their 50th anniversary in July.

Sealing from public view: a divorce right for the powerful and popular only

According to expert Alabama divorce lawyers, any resident of the state may request for their divorce case be sealed from public view. However, it is not entertained and is usually only reserved for those persons that have acquired a high profile in society.

Gov. Bentley is wrong

Despite his personal issues, Bentley is determined to have his way in amending tax laws. He is expected to host a special upcoming session where lawmakers will be summoned and Bentley will present his proposals in order to get them to raise taxes and also avoid deep cuts to government services. Why does he not lower taxes so revenue will be increased for the government which will make everyone happy? This has proven to work. When you raise taxes, you only damage the economy.

According to the divorce papers, Dianne and Robert separated in January. Contradictorily, both of them have made public appearances together since then and even travelled together on more than one occasion.

Robert Bentley not alone in divorce

Dianne Bentley filed for divorce from Robert Bentley recently and the news spread like wild fire across the state. However, the Alabama governor’s divorce is not something unprecedented according to In fact, late Gov. George Wallace was also served with divorce papers by his wife Cornella Wallace in 1978. Wallace was the governor of Alabama during this time. He was a known racist and a Democrat.