Atlanta, GA- We Americans have an obsession with what causes divorce. We think if we are aware of the driving forces behind divorce, we can keep couples from splitting. Fact is, there are many things that drive a couple to divorce, including a significant age gap between two spouses according to a new study.

The Emory study detailed a host of things that cause divorce and found that the greater the age difference between spouses, the greater chance they have of seeking divorce.

According to analysis of the Emory Study, Randal Olson, a researcher for the University of Michigan, came up with a graph that showed couples who are five years apart in age are 18 percent more likely to divorce. Couples with a with a 30-year age difference are 172 percent more likely to divorce. Even a one year age difference can put you at 3 percent greater chance of divorce.

But even just being one year apart puts you at a 3 percent higher divorce rate.

There is however some good news, the Emory study found that the longer a couple with a significant age difference remained together, they better chance they have of remaining married.

Olson noted on his website that researchers for the Emory study said that, while a significant age difference is a factor in divorce, it is difficult to attach percentages to their findings.

Age difference is just one of the many things that can drive a wedge between married couples. Money, education levels, and even how much a couple spends on actually tying the knot can be predictors of divorce.

Regardless of why a couple divorces, they need all the help they can get. Family and friends can offer emotional support, but when it comes to the practical matters associated with divorce, both spouses need legal support.

The most acrimonious issue for divorcing couples tends to be child custody. There are those rare occasions in which a couple can come to an agreement about child custody. One spouse may be okay with granting their estranged spouse primary custody and having visitation rights, but that is not always the case and a divorce can become an ugly affair when the issue of child custody arises.

If you are enmeshed in a battle over child custody, it’s important to enlist an attorney from a Georgia divorce firm to speak for you. A divorce attorney can be instrumental in helping a couple set aside their differences and come to an agreement that prioritizes the best interest of their children. They can also help you and your estranged spouse develop a satisfactory visitation schedule.

Another aspect of divorce that can be problematic is dividing up a couple’s entangled finances and property. A couple can be very rigid when it comes to this aspect of divorce, so they need someone to be the voice of reason in these negotiations. Since a divorce attorney understands state laws and how courts award assets, they can guide a couple to a peaceful resolution of their differences when it comes to their mutual finances and property. They will ensure that you get a fair divorce settlement and get the financial support you need.