Ft. Lauderdale, FL- Everybody has their opinion about how divorce affects children and now Kate Winslet is weighing in on the subject. The Academy award-winning actress talked about her two divorces and losing her baby weight in a recent interview with a UK magazine.

Speaking with Harper’s Bazaar UK, Winslet said, according to ABC News, that she “wouldn’t change a thing. Even the bad bits.” The hard parts, she said, “shape” children and give them character.

Winslet is right about helping children understand that struggle is just a fact of life. At some point all humans face struggle, and need the skills to confront problems and tackle them, but study after study has shown that divorce does, indeed, have an effect on children. Those effects can manifest through physical issues, such as obesity, or through psychological problems.

In fact, a recent study has shown that divorce may actually have a greater impact on children raised by wealthy parents.

Georgetown University and University of Chicago collaborated on the study which involved 4,000 participants. Beginning in 1979, researchers questioned the mothers of children from higher-income families to determine what negative behaviors they exhibited flowing their parent’s divorce. They wanted to know whether the children exhibited aggression, bullying, anxiety, sadness or low self-esteem.

Researcher concluded that wealthier kids suffered more from their parent’s divorce because they experienced a decline in income or were forced to change schools. A reduction in income, the researchers found, caused children to suffer anxiety.

Researchers surmised that because divorce is less common in higher-earning families than lower-income families so when it does happen, upper-class children are less equipped to deal with the income and social changes brought on by divorce. However, researchers found that the introduction of a step-parent—an authority figure–into a household helped upper-class children adjust better to their changing situation.

This study focused on the effects divorce had on high-income children but, in truth, children from the entire spectrum in incomes experience many of the same effects. Middle class and lower income children also have to change schools and face financial insecurity. So, regardless of their economic status, divorce is tough on children. No child is immune to the pain and heartache of a divorce.

In divorce, parents should always keep the best interests of their child utmost in their minds and take steps to shield them from the conflicts that may arise between you and your estranged spouse. Those conflicts often center on how marital assets will be divided, and which parent will get custody of the children. These are very contentious issues that can be hard for a couple to resolve without assistance.

Since child custody is one of the most difficult aspects of divorce for a family to deal with it is wide for a spouse to turn to a divorce attorney, who specializes in family law, to get them through this process. Both you and your children will benefit from resolving child custody issues smoothly and in a timely fashion.