Ft. Lauderdale, FL- “Extant” star Halle Berry isn’t done fighting her ex Gabriel Aubry. The actress who shares joint custody for their 6 year-old daughter, wants her ex to get a job and quit living off the child support she sends him every month.

Documents obtained by TMZ show the actress is asking a family court to cut child support payments Berry pays Aubry from $16,000 to $3,800. She wants the former model to get a job and stop living off the money intended for her daughter.

In court documents, Berry made a list of the all the things Aubry spends the money she gives him on, and the majority of it isn’t going to Nahla. Between the cost for his fitness, clothing, cars and health insurance, Aubry is spending a large chunk of money on himself and Berry wants to cut him off.

In addition to the $16K a month in child support, Berry, who has custody of Nahla 50 percent of the time, also pays her daughter’s tuition and was required to pay her ex’s attorney fees.

“There is no case, no law, no logic that says a healthy, active man gets to simply live off child support that the wealthier mother earns,” Berry said in the court documents according to TMZ.

Aubry, however, claims he can’t get modeling jobs because of a fist fight he had with the Berry’s current husband actor Oliver Martinez on Thanksgiving 2012. Aubry claims he was hurt badly in that fight and can longer get modeling gigs; he says he’s only had three jobs since the fight and he isn’t getting any offers.

This is just the latest chapter in the continuing child custody saga between Berry and Aubry and there is no telling how long this court battle will rage on.

Getting child support payments adjusted is a fairly routine process since a person’s financial circumstances can change. The first step would be for the person making the payments to speak with the recipient and ask if they will accept reduced support payments. Sometimes, the recipient is willing but more often than not they aren’t. If one spouse will not agree to lower payments, the courts can intervene.

If this the route that must be taken, the interested parties need to first retain a divorce attorney. When trying to obtain an adjustment of child support payments, both parties must argue for the amount of support they believe is appropriate. In order the get a child support modification, the petitioner must be able to prove their circumstances have changed and they can no longer afford the payments, or the recipient no longer needs the amount of support they are receiving. Child support payments can be adjusted temporarily or permanently depending on the circumstances.

Getting a child support modification can be difficult, but it isn’t impossible. A divorce attorney will work diligently on your case to assure you are successful at modifying the terms of your child support or divorce settlement.