A major league baseball player is in the process of filing for divorce from his wife during her pregnancy.  

Young celebrity couple splits after less than two years

The 28 year old actress was most well known for playing a character on the CW network series called Riverdale. She had only announced the pregnancy weeks earlier, and her husband was absent from all of the pictures related to these recent events. Her husband is a 24 year old pitcher for the Chicago White Sox baseball franchise. They had been married for less than two years before announcing their separation. They had been engaged in the summer and married the following New Year’s Day. 

A spokesperson for the couple also confirmed that her husband is in fact the biological father of the child. The couple had started filing their divorce paperwork a month before the pregnancy was revealed to the public.

She had previously made instagram posts saying she was excited about the upcoming birth, but mentioned nothing about her husband or their divorce. The actress made comments about how this would open a new chapter in her life and bring her a new purpose. Her husband had commented that he would not play in the shortened baseball season due to personal issues, without any further comment. A representative for his wife refused to issue any comments to the media.  

Divorcing in New York

Couples in New York are able to get a no fault divorce like married couples in every other state. This means that they can separate for essentially any reason at all, as long as at least one spouse says that the marriage has broken down and residency requirements in the state are met. During the divorce proceedings, the judge will determine how to divide property, if alimony is necessary, award child custody time to both parents, and other important issues so that the couple can move on and live separately. Each spouse should have their own attorney to represent their interests in court during hearings related to all of these matters. 

Child custody issues after birth

After the child of this couple is born, custody issues will still need to be determined by their local courts, as they will not be living together any longer after separating. Depending on other surrounding circumstances one parent can make an argument to receive the majority of custody time. However, in some situations, the parents are able to make an agreement and create a schedule on their own. If they can agree on custody times, they simply need to present their plan to the court for approval. 

Talk with a Brooklyn divorce attorney

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