Cleveland, OH- Almost a year after settling his divorce, actor Terrence Howard is asking a court to overturn his original settlement after accusing his ex-wife of extortion.

In 2012, Howard, who currently stars in the hit show “Empire,” agreed to settlement with his estranged wife Michelle Ghent after she threatened to release videos of him having sex and taking a shower if he didn’t pay up. So, the actor agreed, but now he wants a court to overturn the settlement and presented audio recordings of her making threats.

According to Page Six, Ghent can be heard telling Howard “I will (expletive) bury you deep within the ground.” She also told him “I’ll drain everything I got to take care of it.”

One of Howard’s relatives also testified that Ghent admitted to stealing one of Howard’s cell phones which contained videos of him having sex.

Howard’s attorney said that his client immediately sent his estranged wife $40,000 after she levied threats against him and said it was “hush money,” according to Page Six, so they are seeking to have the divorce agreement overturned.

Ghent denied those allegations in a deposition.

Howard and Ghent married in 2011 and she filed for divorce just one year later, accusing the actor of having numerous extramarital affairs. She also accused him domestic violence.

The final divorce agreement left the actor with a great deal of debt including spousal support to the tune of $325,000 in spousal support which works out to be $5,800 a month.

Changing a divorce settlement after accepting it is not an impossible task, but it is a difficult and costly one. The best way for you to avoid making a costly decision in your divorce is to enlist the knowledge and expertise of a divorce attorney in Ohio. When you enlist their services, they will do everything in their power to protect your interests and ensure and financial or child custody agreements are reasonable and you can live with them.

If you want to have the terms of your divorce change, the first stage in the process is to file a motion. After that an attorney will work have to work on your case and show why you deserve to have your divorce agreement changed. In Howard’s case he has audio recordings of his former wife’s extortion threats which will prove to be compelling evidence in court.  If you want to overturn your original divorce agreement, you too will need to provide valid reasons for changing your divorce agreement.

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