Ft. Lauderdale, FL- With the holiday season winding down, there have been a handful of celebrities who are putting an end to their marriages. Chris Rock started the week with the surprising announcement that he was splitting with his wife of 19 years. Now you can add actor Jeremey Renner to list of celebrities calling quits on their marriage.

Actually in case of Renner, his wife, Sonni Pacheco, filed for divorce. And her filing came just months after the couple secretly tied the knot earlier this year.

According to TMZ, Renner’s divorce is shaping up to be an ugly back and forth between him and his estranged wife. The gossip site reports that Pacheco is asking the court to have the prenuptial agreement the couple signed voided because of fraud, though she did not elaborate on what that the fraud entails.

Divorce attorneys are capable of challenging prenuptial agreements, but it is difficult to do, and will significantly prolongs the divorce process. The person challenging the prenuptial has an almost insurmountable burden of proof to meet before a court will consider vacating the terms of a prenuptial. A prenuptial challenge means a couple could be tied up in divorce proceedings for months.

In the divorce documents, Pacheco also asks Renner to return her passport and her driver’s license, which she claims he is keeping hidden from her—she’s Canadian. She also want to keep the couple’s Land Rover and wants her estranged husband to continue paying for the lease.

Pacheco also wants physical custody of the couple’s one year-old daughter Ava and is seeking spousal support. She also wants him to cover her rent and moving expenses, TMZ reports.

If Pacheco does leave the U.S. with Ava—she was only married to Renner for 10 or so months so she could lose her immigration status—the actor may find himself enmeshed in an international custody battle. A very complex situation that is not easy to resolve.

As for what caused the split, a source tells E! News that it has been a long time coming. The source said Renner wanted to try and make things work for the sake of his daughter, but became frustrated with his marriage early on. Apparently, they just couldn’t make it work.

International couples face a number of dilemmas when they decide to end their marriages. Typically, child custody is determined by the courts in the country where a couple initially files for divorce. The way international custody is determined is extremely complex and requires that both parties retain an attorney who specializes in international family law and understands the challenges a couple is facing when they live in different countries.

In an acrimonious divorce an attorney can help a couple devise an agreeable custody arrangement. Their aim is to ensure their client’s rights are respected and the best interest of their child or children is considered in any arrangements that are made.