Jeremy RennerLos Angeles, CA- Actor Jeremy Renner isn’t going to just stand by while his estranged wife Sonni Pacheco defames his name and tries to get sole custody of their one-year old daughter. The Oscar nominee retained legendary divorce attorney Laura Wasser to represent him as things heat up with his ex. Meanwhile, Idina Menzel and Taye Diggs are able to settle their div

Renner, according to TMZ, responded to Pacheco’s divorce petition by filing counter docs asking for joint custody of his daughter and asking that the prenuptial the couple signed be honored. The documents also state there are not real issues between the coupled so he doesn’t understand why Pacheco is making their divorce contentious.

According to TMZ, when Pacheco tried to fleece Renner for more child support, she alleges he told her “to get a job,” but a source close to the “Hurt Locker” actor said he has been paying child support since the couple split last December.

In her filing Pacheco, said that Renner’s home is not safe for their daughter and is a seeking a bigger chunk of his growing fortune. But as TMZ points out, the Canadian model had no problem with the home when she was living there during their brief 10 month marriage.

While Renner and Pacheco are in the midst of an ugly court battle, Idina Menzel and Taye Diggs qyietly settled their divorce without the nasty back and forth and unreasonable demands.

The Daily Mail reports that the neither Menzel nor Diggs asked for spousal support or child support. The couple, who were married for ten years, agreed to share custody of their son. There was no fighting over money or support, unlike in Renner’s case.

Menzel and Diggs married in 2003 after meeting on the set of the musical “Rent” in the late 90s, according to the Daily Mail.

These two divorces show how differently things can work out for an estranged couple. On the one hand, you have an ugly divorce with one spouse making allegations just to get more and more out of their estranged spouse. And on the other hand, you have couple that divorced without fights over money or child custody. If only all divorces went that smoothly.

Whether or not your divorce goes smoothly or ends ugly depends on the personalities involved and their expectations. No one can manage another person’s expectations and tell whether they’ll turn a divorce into an ugly affair, but they can protect themselves by hiring a Los Angeles divorce attorney. When a divorce takes an acrimonious turn, a spouse needs someone to protect their interests and speak to their character.

A California divorce attorney understands the state laws and will work closely with their clients to come up with agreeable child custody arrangements and equitable distribution of their assets. Having the representation of an attorney won’t make divorce easy, but it will ensure that a person’s rights are respected.