Houston, TX- Too many couples mistakenly think that once the sign the final divorce decree, their divorce is done and over with but that is seldom the case. Many former couples have issues that require them to revisit their final divorce settlement. That is the case of actor Charlie Sheen, who is asking that his child support payments to ex Denise Richards be reduced.

The actor, who recently confessed he is HIV positive, reportedly asked the court lower his child support payments because his income “has drastically declined,” the Daily Mail reports.

Sheen was ordered to pay Richards $55,000 a week in child support payments at the height of his career when he had a starring role in the network television show “Three and a Half Men.” When Richardson was ordered to pay such a large sum, he was making over $600,000 a month in residual payments, but now he is only bringing in $87,000 a month after selling the residuals for a lump sum.

The Daily Mail reports that Richards is also suing Sheen for evicting her and their two daughters from their home and sending them abusive texts.

Many parents find themselves facing a change of income and need to have the amount of child support reduced. USAttorneys urges you to speak with a divorce lawyer in Houston, Texas to help usher in those changes. They can negotiate on your behalf and ensure the court understands why lowering your child support is necessary.

If you need to change the amount of child support you are paying, the first step is to negotiate with your former spouse and see if they will agree to the reduction. The courts have to sign off on your new agreement. Once they do you’ll need to get the court to sign off on the new terms, but that is usually an easy task if both parties are happy with the terms.

When your spouse refuses your request, you will have to turn to family court and schedule a hearing. The hearing will be your opportunity to show why you need to have your child support payment reduced. When you request a child support modification, you must be able to show that your circumstances have changed, and you can no longer afford to make payments temporarily or permanently.

Some of the circumstances that may warrant a child support modification include:

Change of occupation that results in less income.

One spouse faces a medical emergency.

One spouse’s cost of living increases.

A child’s needs change drastically.

Either parent remarries and the median household income is higher.

Divorce is never really over especially when a couple has children. When you and your ex-wife or ex-husband need to make any changes to your final divorce settlement, the process with go more smoothly if you have a divorce lawyer in Texas on your side. One that has been with you since the beginning and know the details of your case. From the onset of divorce, you need someone to protect you and your interests, so your divorce is as fair and goes as smoothly as possible.