Celebrity actor, singer-songwriter, and record producer Terrence Howard has alleged that his former wife blackmailed him. As reported by Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Howard was married to Michelle Ghent for just a year and is clearly upset that he has paid and is still paying enough spousal support to account for at least five years.

4 Brothers Detective not Happy

In an attempt to reverse or amend the family court’s decision regarding their divorce and alimony, Howard’s divorce attorney has claimed that he has video footage which proves without a shadow of a doubt that Michelle Ghent had blackmailed the actor prior to their separation.

According to Howards latest allegations, his former wife and him were discussing alimony and trying to find some middle ground which would be fair to both of them when she threatened to release naked photos and videos of the actor to the public or the Internet if he did not pay her for at least five years. Howard says he got it all recorded and will use it in the court of law if push comes to shove and he has no other option.

Adding to the accusations against his wife, the lawsuit also claims that she told Howard that she would tell every female on the planet that he had given her a STD if he does not pay up. The question everyone is asking is why didn’t Terrence use the evidence initially? Well, we will soon find out.

Howard should also be upset for his belief that he should have been paid more than Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man II. Even though that movie was pitiful the star at that time was Tony Starks, not the air force officer.

Ramona Singer’s divorce takes nasty turn

Ramona Singer, a reality TV actress that stars in the hit reality television series The Real Housewives of New York, is in the middle of a messy divorce with her soon to be former husband Mario Singer, according to a Radar Online report. Mario has always been known to be a bit of a playboy who often engages in casual sexual relationships with several women.

According to insider sources, both their divorce attorneys are aggressively battling with everything they’ve got to get the most of their joint martial assets. Supposedly, Mario has made it clear that he wants to be taken care of financially once the divorce has been settled. He is reportedly going after everything they own and isn’t even sparing her huge payroll that she gets courtesy of the Real Housewives of New York.

Ramona is no pushover though! She isn’t going to sit back and sulk while the vulture like Mario scoops away everything greedily. She has always been the breadwinner in the relationship and she will not let go without a fight to keep what is rightly hers.

Collaborative divorce increasingly popular across the nation

People dread customary divorce proceedings, which can break down the toughest of personalities. All the added legal pressure and scrutiny and judgment of personal choices and lifestyle are enough to drive even the most composed person up the wall. Such shortcomings of a traditional divorce may just be why collaborative divorces are becoming so popular in the country. The biggest advantage of a collaborative divorce is the minimal financial damage. Another added advantage is how quickly it progresses; it is over before you know it.

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