Salt Lake City, UT- They’ve only been married for about four months, but the celebrity rumor mill insists that newlyweds, George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin are already experiencing marital problems and are ready to split.

The buzz over a Clooney divorce hit a fevered pitch this week after Ok! Magazine published their cover story “Clooney & Amal: Sham Marriage.” The magazine alleges that the couple, who tied the knot in late September in picturesque Venice, are bickering about her attending the Oscars with him. Amal has allegedly refused to attend the Oscars. The magazine says George has been taking “secret calls” and the couple has been engaged in late night screaming matches.

InTouch magazine is also feeding the rumors by also publishing a George and Amal divorce cover story that claims the George and Amal are fighting over starting a family. InTouch characterizes Amal as a “diva,” who gets “jealous” about his previous relationships.

The Inquisitr reports that the rumors are NOT true! They cited source who said there is absolutely no substance the rumors circulating the internet.

When asked by Rumor Fix, Clooney’s rep Stan Rosenfield said, “This story is totally made up in order to sell their magazines,” according to the Inquisitr. Remember, it’s not illegal to print lies or rumors.

George is a product of Hollywood so it wouldn’t be too much or surprise if he an Amal were to divorce, but we don’t see that happening any time soon. For now, the couple seems very happy and they recently bought property in Amal’s native England.

So, if George and Amal were to divorce (which many people hope doesn’t happen), what would their split look like. It’s like the George and Amal signed a prenuptial agreement, she is an attorney after all. Her expertise may be in the human rights realm, but she is not doubt clever enough to know that prenuptial is a wise move for any wealthy couple.

George has been through the whole divorce thing before so he knows what to expect and how to protect his money. He probably learned a few lessons from his first divorce from actress Talai Balasm. We don’t know for certain they have a prenuptial, but with Clooney boasting a close to $200 million net worth, it would be safe to assume he took some steps to safeguard is hard-earned money and reputation.

Even if a couple chooses not to draft up a prenuptial, they can amicable divorce. The first step is to hire an accomplished divorce attorney to guide them through the process of determining child custody and how to divide their assets. A divorce attorney can make all of a couple’s differences disappear, but they will help them reach mutual decisions about some of their more contentious issues.

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