Greer, SC- Southern Chef Alton Brown and his estranged wife have finally come to an agreement on their divorce after filing nearly a year ago.

Sources revealed that on Wednesday, May 20, Alton, who hosts “Iron Chef America” and “Cutthroat Kitchen,” and his wife DeAnna finalized their divorce after they split sometime in the middle of last year.

The couple have a teenage daughter.

E! News reports that Alton was just “unhappy” in his marriage and that the split had been coming “for a while.” His work schedule was allegedly an issue in his divorce.

Randy Ho, writing for the Atlanta Journal Constitution, said Brown is a very private man and is likely unhappy about the media attention his divorce is getting. But sometimes that’s the price of fame.

Brown has managed to the keep his divorce quiet unlike well-known Chef Bobby Flaw is currently enmeshed in a nasty divorce with his estranged wife, actress Stephanie March, who played a prosecutor on “Law & Order.”

Being a celebrity chef isn’t easy.

Flay grabbed headlines again this week after his estranged wife railed on him after their meeting with court. According to the New York Daily News, March was angry because her husband’s publicist was speaking with reporters outside the court in spite of gag order that was imposed after reports surfaced that she was demanding the couple’s prenuptial agreement be thrown out.

While Alton Brown’s divorce was quietly handled, Flay’s divorce is shaping up to be a major battle that will likely drag on for months, especially since March is challenging the prenuptial agreement the couple signed before wedding ten years ago.

Reportedly, March was unhappy with the mere $5,000 a month in spousal support she agreed to when the couple signed their prenuptial. She alleges she helped make him a success. This is often the case with prenuptial agreements and some spouses having become accustomed to a certain lifestyle. It’s better to have a favorable prenuptial before you agree than try to challenge it after the fact.

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