Garden City, NY- It’s been a year after former NBA owner Donald Sterling fell from grace, but the reviled octogenarian has finally filed for divorce from his wife of nearly 60 years.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Donald Sterling filed for divorce from his wife Shelly Sterling Wednesday, citing irreconcilable differences. In the documents, Donald alleges that he hasn’t received any money from the sale of the Clippers, which earned Shelly Sterling $2 billion. So, it’s no wonder Donald Sterling hired a divorce attorney and demanded she pay him his share.

Donald Sterling was the original owner of the LA Clippers, but last year spent several weeks as America’s most hated man for making racist comments. His mistress at the time, V. Strivino, recorded him telling her to stay with black NBA players and soon released the tapes to the press.

That recording caused a firestorm and eventually led the NBA to seize the LA Clippers from Donald Sterling and his having him declared mentally incompetent so she could negotiate the sale of the team. She did so successfully, apparently she hasn’t divvied up any of the proceeds. That’s why the divorce documents asks for an “accounting and distribution,” the Times reported.

Donald’s divorce filing came just three weeks shy of the couple’s 60th wedding anniversary, though the couple initially split in 2012. When Donald Sterling’s racist comments became and public disgrace, Shelly Sterling told Barbara Walters that she had divorce papers drawn up but hadn’t filed them for financial reasons. But considering the fact that she was soon to have her husband declared incompetent, one could argue that she may have been waiting for

Many couples in New York face similar scenarios to Donald Sterling before and after their divorce. In such cases an estranged and cheated spouse may wonder: What can I do to make my spouse pay? How can I get my share of money that is rightfully mine?

If you are facing this dilemma, contact a divorce attorney in Garden City to explain your options and get busy on your case. An attorney knows the steps you have to take and will do all that they can to ensure your ex lives up to their obligations under your divorce settlement.

The first step of getting an ex to meet their financial obligations under your divorce agreement is to file a petition for contempt. The courts then can compel your spouse to comply or have their wages garnished. Usually a court order works, but if it doesn’t, there are other options to explore, especially if a spouse is dodging their child support payments.

There are more effective options available when child support payments are being missed or purposely skipped. If you are having trouble getting child support in New York, USAttorneys will help you find compassionate and assertive child custody attorney in your area to help you get the financial support your children need.