We document most of our lives on social media, posting pictures of our happy kids, sunny vacations, and perfect families. Yet, a new Instagram trend has some people shocked. According to the New York Post, more couples are posting images to Instagram after their divorce. For some couples, the images offer closure and allow individuals to publicly finalize their divorce. While some find the images to be in poor taste, others find the practice healing.

Couples explain that they’re not celebrating the fact that the marriage failed, but rather, that they were able to amicably split. How you choose to go about your divorce can have an immense impact on your finances, and on the psychological well-being of your children. Whether or not you plan to divorce amicably, it is generally a good idea to seek the advice of a divorce lawyer. A lawyer can assist you in making sure that parenting plans meet state and court standards and help you file for divorce in the most effective and efficient way. While some divorces may require litigation and a court battle, many divorcing couples are able to negotiate their differences and settle their divorces outside of court with the assistance of a divorce attorney.

Settling your divorce amicably outside of court with the help of a divorce lawyer can be easier on your children and can often lead to better results when it comes to a parenting plan and visitation.

The trend of posting divorce photos online sends a strong message that all divorces don’t have to be terrible. Life goes on. The end of a marriage doesn’t necessarily mean the end of a friendship. Couples can divorce in a friendly manner that allows both partners to move forward with their lives in a healthy way. Relationship experts agree. An amicable divorce can be better for the children and better for whole family’s psychological well-being.

Yet, if you’re struggling through a divorce and feel like you’re not yet ready to post your divorce selfie to Instagram—don’t despair. Like many things posted to social media, divorce selfies hardly convey the long process that divorcing couples must go through to get to the settlement. Anger, frustration, denial, and a long legal process often precedes any successful divorce.

What can you do to make the process go more smoothly? According to Forbes, if you’re getting divorced, it’s wise to gather together financial documents, including bank statements, debts, and credit card statements. It may be a good idea to gather these documents before you file in order to protect your rights and avoid having to use legal means to acquire the documents later. You’ll also want to get your own bank account and credit card, before you get divorced. If you’re the non-working spouse, it can be difficult to get credit after you split.

Finally, you’ll want to contact a qualified divorce lawyer as soon as you decide to split. An attorney can review your assets, finances, and wishes for your children, and work out the best possible solution given your situation. When your financial future, and your family’s future is at stake, you need Gordon & Hess, P.L.C. Whatever your needs,  divorce attorneys in Grand Rapids like Gordon & Hess, PLC can help you find the best possible outcome for your case.