Prominent divorce attorneys have been expressing their viewpoints about the growing incidence divorces and separations in the American society, especially the celeb circle. And now, it so appears that a general feeling of well-being for each other or being content in one another’s success is not enough for keeping marriages in place. The latest example in this league is 29 year old Khloe Kardashian and his basketball player husband Lamar Odom.

Does not Matter

Whereas Khloe expresses her unconditional love for Lamar and is extremely happy about the fact that he gaining his fitness and is all set to return to NBA, these positive overtures are not enough for her to keep them together. If sources close to divorce lawyers are to be believed, Khloe promises to divorce her husband the moment he makes his comeback into NBA successfully. Although she would love to see him play at his best again, the trials and tribulations her marriage has gone through have proved to be quite enough for the girl!

A divorce attorney friend explains that she simply does not want to be hurt all over again! The very fact that she has seen Lamar when he was at his worst has probably helped him to take the call! The fact therefore is that the present day generation is extremely particular about the relationships they wish to keep. They are immensely sensitive about reactions and are not willing to let them pass, easily.

Peace of Mind

So, even if love or a mutual feeling of positivity may be existent still, they are not willing to stick to relationships that could prove to be painful or torturous in the future. Forgiving and forgetting is no longer the standard practice. The youth of today are more concerned about their emotional well-being and they do not wish to disturb their peace of mind for anything.

However, let’s sincerely hope that Khloe manages to forgive her husband and gives him a second chance. Well, perhaps not because his play in Dallas was horrendous and the fact that he won a championship with the corrupt NBA because of their preference for seeing the Laker’s win championships. Lamar may not be missing much either since Khloe does not know how to survive anywhere else in this world unless it is in LA. She made this known on Leno one night. It appears both of them have serious flaws; perhaps that is what brought them together.