Yuma, AZDivorces present a number of challenges for anyone who is about to separate from their spouse. These struggles may be financial, emotional, psychological, or even logistical when moving and relocation is required. An overview of the most significant challenges that appear during the divorce process helps individuals going through this process prepare for their future and find solutions. 

Issues with children

Couples that have children together will often start to worry about their future as soon as they know that a divorce is coming. There will be custody hearings to determine how much time each parent has with them, and support payments may be issued from one spouse to another. This process can obviously stress both the children and parents, and the lives of everyone involved can change drastically as relationships may be more difficult to maintain without the prior family structure and a new court ordered custody plan. Some judges may impose additional limitations related to travel or visiting rights on one parent depending on the situation.  

The psychological and emotional stress

Both spouses will have to take on additional responsibilities throughout the divorce. The right kind of legal help will minimize these stressors, but there will still be court hearings to attend and disagreements with the former spouse. All of these additional problems at the same time as a couple separates creates a combination of factors that result in severe emotional and physical fatigue. Preparing with the advice of a family lawyer early on in this process can minimize the severity of the stress. 

Separating emotions from practical concerns

Each spouse should work with their own attorney and other professionals to create a post divorce life that is optimal for future growth and maintaining relationships with any children involved. It is easy to let emotions cloud a person’s thoughts during this process, but decisions related to finances, property, and other important matters should be made based on practicalities rather than feelings. 

Creating a new post divorce life

People who were in a marriage for years or decades may have trouble initially adjusting to their new single life. This may also involve adjustments to finances and budgeting based on the costs associated with the divorce. While everyone has different ways of coping with this process, there is likely to be a transitionary period that may create feelings of being lost and uncertain. 

Meeting with a family lawyer for more information

Schneider and Onofry is a respected firm in the Yuma area that helps people with divorces, custody issues, and various other family law matters. Potential clients can schedule a meeting to discuss their situation with a licensed attorney and receive more specific advice. 

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