Divorces no doubt are taxing on both partners. However, what is more disheartening is the fact that a non-filing spouse learning about the divorce filing from another attorney soliciting the non-filer to represent him or her. This glaring flaw became apparent when one of the non-filers in a divorce and custody battle in Oakland received a soliciting letter from an unknown lawyer seeking permission to represent the non-filing party, the Oakland Press reported.

Pinpointing the flaw

According to Michigan divorce attorneys, the flaw has always been there and probably has been misused numerous times. However, in this particular case, three children under a custody battle were affected and traumatized, the case is now getting widespread attention.

In Michigan, any court documents become public records once a case has been filed. At times, a spouse appoints a divorce attorney in Michigan without informing their spouse. You may believe that if one spouse wants a divorce the other spouse will know about it. This is not always the case. This is because some spouses are afraid of their spouse, sometimes one spouse is not just not around, and other times there is a clear breakdown in the communication between the two.

Michigan has seen examples of all of these numerous times, just like any other state. If you are looking for a divorce lawyer in this cool state, USAttorneys.com is the source for you.

As the case is filed, the documents and its contents become public record allowing anyone to pay to access them. In this particular case, the non-filing spouse was in for a shock when he received a letter from a trolling attorney to represent him as he had not yet appointed any divorce attorney in Michigan as of that time.

As this was also a custody battle for the three children of the couple, they too were affected because of this privacy flaw. As the contents of the court documents were leaked, the children were subjected to gossip from neighbors traumatizing them beyond words. According to Michigan divorce lawyers, this loophole has been plugged in 27 other states providing relief to couples seeking divorces. Michigan however is yet to take any such precautions.

Selfie divorcees

On one hand we have bitterly warring divorce seekers and then we have selfie obsessed couples who look all happy in their “divorce selfie”. A trend catching on fast, many couples are announcing their separation to the world on social media platforms by sharing a selfie post filing the divorce papers, WGN TV reports.

This is hilarious. They are so happy to be single! They should have taken a pre-marriage class and they probably would not be divorced. If they are so happy being single, will anyone marry them since they are so happy to be free and happy?

Ridiculous behavior

This trend might be an indication that perception of people towards divorce is changing. There are few people who do not consider divorce something to be bitter about or ashamed even though they should. One of the divorce selfies of Shannon and Chris Neuman that went viral has Shannon telling the world that they are separating, on amicable terms and will soon be looking out for new life partners. But everything thought their previous partner was for life? Hmmm…..

Michigan divorce lawyers are very amused by this attitude.