Back in the day, a couple that decided to divorce would have likely been frowned upon seeing that when you wed, you agree to a lifetime of commitment, no matter what the circumstances may be. Divorce wasn’t exactly an option for many. Today, however, things have drastically changed and filing for divorce has become quite common among couples all over the U.S. In fact, 827,261 people filed for divorce or an annulment in 2016 and we haven’t really seen a sign that these numbers are going to drop tremendously anytime soon [Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention].

Regardless of how common divorces might be, each and every person who has to go through the process handles it differently from one another. While one person might want to file and begin a new chapter of their life, the other may be opposed to it and are then left heartbroken. Divorces can be frustrating, depressing, and difficult which is why we would like to share a few pieces of advice that may help you if you just found out your spouse plans to file for divorce or you have already begun the process.


  1. Recovering from a divorce might take time and there is nothing wrong with that. While some women are able to pick themselves up and carry on after their divorce has been finalized, others are barely able to function. Whether you need time, therapy, or support to get you through this rough patch, know that it is normal and that one day you will realize that you have gotten through it.


  1. Hire a Jackson, MS lawyer who specializes in handling divorce cases, not someone who mainly practices in criminal defense or personal injury law. The fact is, you need someone who can help you obtain a settlement in your favor, not your spouse’s, which is why a divorce attorney is a more qualified person for the job.


  1. Don’t wait to figure out your future living expenses, do it now. Work with your divorce lawyer and determine what your cost of living currently is so you know how much to ask for. Aside from being able to provide an accurate amount to the courts, you also need to know for yourself. Perhaps now that you won’t be living in a household with two incomes, you might need to downsize or make additional plans so that you can continue to afford the lifestyle you wish to live.


  1. Be prepared to encounter unexpected costs. A divorce carries many uncertainties with it which is why you should be prepared for unexpected costs to arise. Maybe your ex-husband has decided to remove you from his health insurance plan which now leaves you forced to pick up another costly bill each month. Woman’s Day highlights that to help avoid encountering a bill you can’t afford, you might want to ask for some money up front as a part of your divorce agreement for when these unexpected instances pop up.


  1. Pay attention to your child’s behavior as this might be a clear indicator as to how the divorce has made them feel. Although they may claim they are OK, if you begin to witness them acting out, unable to eat or sleep, or even showing anger toward others, you might want to take some time to address their feelings so they don’t go ignored and their behavior worsens.


These pieces of advice were shared on Woman’s Day and are from real women who have gone through divorces themselves.

As the source mentioned, when going through a divorce, you are going to want to hire the right type of legal aid and that is something can help you with. We have the ability to get you connected with some of the best divorce and family law attorneys in Jackson, MS and would be more than happy to help you find them now. Although it might be hard for you to accept that you are splitting up from your spouse, you still need to take precautionary measures and be sure you obtain support from a reputable lawyer who will have your best interests in mind.