An 18-year-old high school senior in New Jersey has moved away from her parents and wants them to pay her college and legal fees. In her court filings, Rachel Canning claims that she was forced to leave home for her safety because of verbal and physical abuse. While the judge has denied her request for immediate relief, the entire case has yet to be decided.

An Incredible Case

Divorce and family laws require that parents who are divorced not abandon their children and pay for their education and other expenses. However, in this case the parents are not divorced and Canning left a family home voluntarily. Many lawyers and locals feel that asking Canning’s parents to pay for her college tuition in these circumstances would lead to a precedent where children could force parents to pay for their hobbies and refuse to be disciplined.divorce

Super Spoiled

While the court has to decide if Canning’s claims of physical and verbal abuse are true, there is no precedent for forcing parents to pay for a child’s college tuition.

An Entitlement Culture

If you have children and want a divorce, you need to retain a divorce lawyer who will advise you about your child support and spousal support obligations under the law. If you were the parent who primarily cared for the children and either earn less than your spouse or do not earn at all, you might be able to obtain child custody, child support, and spousal support.

The Parents have Failed

In these cases, the court makes these decisions based on the best interest of the child. However, if the parents are together, they can make decisions on behalf of their child – including deciding whether they want to support their child through college. The parents are deemed to be capable of taking the best interests of the child into consideration and the child has to prove otherwise to obtain a different ruling.

Canning is a Bane on our Society

Canning is the epitome of laziness and rottenness. She has not earned too much in life and she is now an adult. She has not any right for college tuition. She probably would not even go there to study anyhow says many people around her.