Kurt Busch, former NASCAR champion, announced that he is going to legally divorce his wife. The couple has been separated for an unspecified amount of time. He did not state a reason for their divorce and said they still have respect for one another.

Eva Bryan and Busch were married in 2006, three years after they met on a blind date. NASCAR fans noticed her absence on the track. Generally, the girlfriends and wives of drivers are present in the pit or in pit boxes while their men race.

He wasn’t asked about his marital status until a few days after he was seen kissing another woman in Victory Lane at track in Sonoma.

Busch says his separation hasn’t affected his racing. The racing world, unlike other sports, is more discreet about the personal lives of drivers. Since it appears to be amicable there it is unlikely that an ugly and much publicized battle will be waged in the media.

Dissolution of a marriage is difficult on the parties involved and they often require divorce attorneys to temper their emotions so they can focus on settling the technical aspects.

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