Divorce Attorneys Peyton Manning 202x300 Are Payton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts getting a divorce?Although the marriage seemed to be a happy one, it appears as though Peyton Manning may soon be in need of a divorce attorney, as the NFL star and the Indianapolis Colts may soon be headed toward Splitsville.

The fate of the quarterback rests in the hands of owner Jim Irsay, who must decide by the first week of March if Manning will be paid a $28 million bonus or cut him from the team. Manning, a four-time MVP, missed the 2011 season due to a neck surgery.

According to Manning, “everyone [is] walking around on eggshells.” However, Irsay addressed the matter, calling the quarterback “a politician” in return.

“I don’t think it’s in the best interest to paint the horseshoe in a negative light, I really don’t,” Irsay said. “The horseshoe always comes first, and I think one thing he’s always known, because he’s been around it so long, is that, you know, you keep it in the family. If you’ve got a problem you talk to each other, it’s not about campaigning or anything like that.”

“I have so much affection and appreciation for Peyton. I mean we’re family. We always will be and we are,” Irsay went on to say. “He’s a politician. I mean look at, when it comes to being competitive, let’s just say on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest, we’re both 11s, okay? So there’s been plenty of eggshells scattered around this building by him with his competitive desire to win.”

With the Colts pushing to get the number one draft pick, Andrew Luck, what will become of the once golden boy Manning?

“I just want to keep rehabbing and working hard, and when the time is right for Mr. Irsay and I to sit down, I look forward to a healthy conversation about my future,” said Manning. “I’ve worked too hard and have such great respect and have so many great relationships inside the building and out, and it’s incredibly important that those remain.”

It’s too bad Manning can’t hire an experienced divorce attorney for the matter so he can walk away with the best settlement. Being part of a team is just like being part of a family. Leaving the family you know and love can be extremely difficult and starting over isn’t always easy, but divorce attorneys make sure cases run quickly and smoothly and end with the best possible outcome.