Kobe Bryant and Vanessa 300x209 Are Kobe Bryant and Vanessa making up?Although Kobe Bryant and his estranged wife Vanessa appeared to have a cozy moment sitting courtside on Valentine’s Day, sources say that the divorce case is still on.

Paparazzi were able to capture a photo of the couple kissing on none other than the day of pure romance and happiness, but it seems as though a kiss is just a kiss for Vanessa.

According to Orange County family court records, there are no new developments in the divorce filing. Allegedly, the couple is dividing their assets and Vanessa will be receiving about $18.8 million in property from her NBA star hubby.

The couple, who were together for about 10 years before announcing their separation in December, did not have a prenuptial agreement. So, according to California law, Vanessa is entitled to exactly half of all their joint property.

Kobe’s net worth is estimated at $150 million, meaning Vanessa could be getting at least $75 million, along with an additional amount for spousal and child support.

However, there is still a chance the couple might mind their rocky relationship. After all, it is not uncommon for couples to reconcile during divorce proceedings, especially when they have children together.

Vanessa was the one to file for divorce in December, citing “irreconcilable differences.” The couple then released a joint statement saying that they had “resolved all issues incident to their divorce privately.”

Property records show that three mansions in Newport Beach have already been placed in Vanessa’s name., including an estate in the Resort at Pelican Hill worth $11.2 million that was originally Kobe’s, another home worth $2.9 million that was owned jointly by the couple since 2003, and a third home valued at $4.7 million that was transferred to Vanessa from the Kobe Bryant trust.

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